Ok, so I'm starting a facebook roleplay! Just comment saying who you want to be and if it's not taken just go ahead and make an account and put that in the comment as well and I'll add you on here! (P.S. I'm Rachel) Oh! And who ever may want to be Finn, should probably be a Finchel shipper, Just sayin :)

Oh, and boys can be girls and girls can be boys, it seriously, doesn't matter. Oh and if you want to be someone who's not on the list, just say so and I'll add him/her!! Oh, and the couples will be the ones that there were at the end of season 2, but couples like Quick and stuff can happen :D

Finn Hudson - Gleefinchelbartie ( )

Rachel Berry - Pig&gleecrazy ( )

Quinn Fabray - Pianogirl (

Kurt Hummel - Mrs.Chris Colfer (

Santana Lopez - QuinnQuinn (

Brittany Pierce - XMimiii (

Mercedes Jones - Star9999 (

Mike Chang - Rej621 (

Artie Abrams - iShipFinchel ( )

Noah Puckerman - xxx-fabienne-xxx-puck (

Tina Cohen-Chang -

Lauren Zizes -

Blaine Anderson - By one of xMimiii's friends who doesn't have an account (