What We're Doing :)Edit

We're a group of people who have joined up and will be Role-Playing as different characters off of Glee. Every
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now and then, there will be a new Blog Post or Page from one of the creators and what we do is comment. We comment until we have a whole entire episodes worth of things and we make our own fan-fiction. I hope you all read the fan-fiction, as we've all worked so hard.

Please, unless you're a Role-Player, do not comment on the pages for our stories :) Thank You!!

Cast ListEdit







Cast PicturesEdit

  • QuinnySkySplits as Quinn Fabray
  • Brittana21 as Brittany S. Pierce
  • Immagleek18 as Noah Puckerman
  • BrittBrittQuinny as Santana Lopez
  • WillDaGleek as Artie Abrams
  • Youngestgleek9 as Tina Cohen-Chang
  • Dr. Stinky as Sue Sylvester
  • Gossip Girl as Sam Evans
  • BforBerry as Rachel Berry
  • Sanzisgreat as Lauren Zizes
  • Star9999 as Mike Chang
  • FunnyFlyBy as Kurt Hummel
  • Blaine'sPinkWayfarers
  • Artieandtinaforeva as Finn Hudson
  • Koekeloere as Emma Pilsbury
  • SweetPorcelin as Mercedes Jones
  • Mr.RachelBerry as April Rhodes

Group PicturesEdit