Glee Girls

The girls.

This roelplay has specific parts that are most used. i will choose the ones I see play them the most

Lindsay: QuinnQuinn Understudy;

Damian: Mamymax123 Understudy:

Quinn: ILoveGlee Understudy:

Brittany: Understudy:

Santana: Understudy:

Rachel: Understudy:

Finn: Understudy:

Kurt: Understudy:

Mike: Understudy:

Tina: Understudy:

Ok, so these are the most played parts. Everyone who I already wrote(Camilla, Max and me) need to confirm themselves in the comments. Everyone else say you want to be a part and if I have seen you be that person you will be in and if not you won't . Sorry. But if I haven't seen you be that person and you ask you could be the understudy.