• LoveYouLikeCrazy

    Did ya hear?

    October 30, 2011 by LoveYouLikeCrazy

    Sam is back!!!!!! Fabrevans shall shine

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  • BrittBrittQuinny


    September 10, 2011 by BrittBrittQuinny

    I was an admin, I'm the founder of the wiki. I NEVER made anyone else an admin, only me, and now... There are more. Please make me an admin again. This is my wiki afterall.

    Thank You

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  • QuinnQuinn

    So in the comments you do your part. If your understudy has to do your part 3 times you lose your part. Remember only people in the roleplay can comment. After 5 days of doing the roleplay I will write the story in this blog. Thanks! And start NOW!

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  • Pig&gleecrazy

    Facebook Roleplay

    August 5, 2011 by Pig&gleecrazy

    Ok, so I'm starting a facebook roleplay! Just comment saying who you want to be and if it's not taken just go ahead and make an account and put that in the comment as well and I'll add you on here! (P.S. I'm Rachel) Oh! And who ever may want to be Finn, should probably be a Finchel shipper, Just sayin :)

    Oh, and boys can be girls and girls can be boys, it seriously, doesn't matter. Oh and if you want to be someone who's not on the list, just say so and I'll add him/her!! Oh, and the couples will be the ones that there were at the end of season 2, but couples like Quick and stuff can happen :D

    Finn Hudson - Gleefinchelbartie ( )

    Rachel Berry - Pig&gleecrazy (…

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  • QuinnQuinn


    July 25, 2011 by QuinnQuinn

    Join my role-play.

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  • Dr.Stinky

    My roleplay

    June 10, 2011 by Dr.Stinky

    I dunno how to make a page asking for people, so imma do it on a blog. Sorry if my character's the one you wanted. So, I'll make a roleplay blog about it.


    • Mercedes-
    • Brittany-
    • Rachel-
    • Santana-
    • Lauren-
    • Quinn-
    • Tina-
    • Sue-


    • Sam- Dr.Stinky
    • Finn-
    • Dave-
    • Will-
    • Kurt-
    • Blaine-
    • Mike-
    • Artie-
    • Puck-

    Extra Characters

    • Tots-
    • Ryan Murphy-
    • Figgins-
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  • Immagleek18


    May 28, 2011 by Immagleek18

    First introductory blog of the wiki (yes!)

    Basically, I'm Immagleek18.

    So, whether I've ever met you or not, just leave me a message!

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  • BrittBrittQuinny

    Brittany's standing by her locker and Quinn walks over. "Hey Britt, I need some help with something" She said, looking around her to make sure no one's listening in. "What? If it invovles anything about the latest Rachel Berry song... I'm so not in. I heard it. My Headband was a hit, every thing since then has been crap." Brittany responded. Quinn told her that it had nothing to do with Rachel or anyone in Glee Club other than Lauren and Puck, but Brittany still wasn't sure if she should do it, stating that last time she tried to help Quinn with Puck, she got knocked up, hinting at the fact that there was actually something going on before that Brittany was a part of and that she did it with him about a week before. Quinn seemed like she d…

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  • BrittBrittQuinny

    This is for all members of the Main Role-Play :)

    You know what to do!!! COMMENT!!

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